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Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach, WA

Our journey from Oregon took us north, up the coastline into Washington. Just across the Astoria-Megler bridge you'll find signs that will lead you to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment. Now, this is a few hours away from our next destination, but I feel it's worth mentioning because it is an exceptional pitstop. Even if you're just visiting Astoria, if you have the time, check it out!

Anyway, along the western coastline is the small, but impressive, town of Pacific Beach. Our park was just a short walk away from the waves and the weather was so nice I set up the loft. Every morning, I woke up to enjoy a cup of coffee with the fresh smell of ocean breeze. I even got the chance to fly a kite! It really is the small things that make the best memories.

To stocking up on essentials, just take a 30-minute scenic drive away to the city of Ocean Shores. There, you'll find an employee-owned grocery store, many locally-owned shops, and even a McDonald's.

There isn't a whole lot to do in Pacific Beach, but I'm becoming one of those people who can comfortably sit and watch the world pass her by. With a backdrop like that, who couldn't?

Things to Do Around Pacific Beach:

- Pacific Beach State Park

- Seabrook

- Ocean Shores

Our Average Cost Per Night: $18.00


Jim Creek Naval Recreation Area

Arlington, WA

If you're active duty, reservist, retired, DoD civilian, or sponsored, you're in luck! Jim Creek is one of the best places we've stayed thus far.

Most likely, you will not receive signal, but Wi-Fi is available. Pack your essentials because you won't want to leave.

The surrounding area of Arlington has everything you need. Plenty of retail chains to shop and a plethora of outdoor activities, including local lavender fields and a kangaroo farm.

Arlington certainly is a gem in my eyes. I look forward to returning again.

Things to Do Around Arlington:

- Lavender fields

- Jim Creek (if applicable)

Our Average Cost Per Night: $34.00


Mount St. Helens

Castle Rock, WA

Just an hour north of Portland, OR is the city of Castle Rock. And, although our RV park was overpriced and awful, we still tried to make the best of it. How awful, you ask? We were so close to the train tracks that it shook our RV and blared its horn all day and all night. Not to mention, for whatever reason, the water had a yellowish tinge to it.

Despite the terrible conditions, the reason we picked this city was because of its nearby conveniences, its flowing river, and Mount St. Helens.

Just a few exits down, you'll find a plaza that will suit most, if not all, of your needs. Around that same area, you'll see signs for Mount St. Helens State Park. Along the route to the currently active volcano, there are several visitor centers that I recommend you stop by to learn more about its rich history.

Once there, you'll find yourself in front of an active volcano. Although she hasn't erupted since 1980, her destruction is still felt in the surrounding area till this day.

Mount St. Helens is a natural wonder that just celebrated its 43rd anniversary since her last eruption. It is estimated to erupt every 100-300 years. Hopefully, I won't experience her wrath in my lifetime.

Things to Do Around Castle Rock:

- Toutle River

- Mt. St. Helens State Park

Our Average Cost Per Night: $49.00



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