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The Great Salt Lake

Layton, UT

Just beyond Salt Lake City is Layton. It had all the big box stores we needed to replenish our essentials. The city of Layton is home to Hill Air Force Base, and just outside its gates, you can enjoy their huge Aerospace Museum.

Now, we couldn't make it all this way without seeing the world-famous Great Salt Lake. Known as the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake is definitely worth a trip. Though, I have to be honest, it did have an interesting kind of a smell.

On our drive there, we saw a sign for the World's First KFC. Who knew it was originally established in Utah? So, of course, we had to stop. To summarize: it was not good. 2 stars. With this being the very first KFC, you'd think it would have been held to a higher was not. The food was awful, there weren't many exhibits to view, and they had no memorabilia. So much wasted potential exists here. The Colonel's Suit was cool though.

Next on our list was the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Unfortunately, we'll have to catch it next time. Because of inclement weather, they closed the only road leading to the monument. Better safe than sorry.

All in all, our first impressions of Utah were great. I did notice one thing about the state. There was no homelessness. Since Oregon, we have kept water, snacks, and pet treats on hand for anyone who needs it. This was the first state where it was not necessary. It was certainly nice to see.

Things to Do Around Layton:

- Hill Aerospace Museum

- Great Salt Lake

Notable Eatery:

- Scrambled! Breakfast + Lunch

Our Average Cost Per Night: $35.00


Bear Lake

Garden City, UT

To make your way to Garden City, you'll have to drive through a national forest.

As you emerge from the trees, you're greeted by Bear Lake. This was one of the most memorable approaches we've seen so far. We were excited to spend a holiday weekend with such a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately, the RV Park we chose was overly-priced and poorly-managed. This put a damper on our stay, but we still had fun anyway.

The city itself is small, very reminiscent of a beach town. There are plenty of companies that rent out water toys and ATVs. Truthfully, we didn't spend too much time in the city. Since it was a busy holiday weekend, we opted to explore outside of the city.

In under a 15-minute drive, you'll find yourself in Idaho. You can buy lottery tickets there if that's your thing. The state of Utah is one of only 5 states without a lottery. Needless to say, the little general store on the border is usually always busy.

If you continue further inland, you'll see signs for the Minnetonka Cave. You can purchase same-day cave tickets and enjoy a 90-minute tour of this great limestone cave. Be sure to bring a light jacket, it can get chilly.

Now, in the opposite direction from Garden City, you'll cross the border into Wyoming. There isn't much out there, but it's just a 45-minute drive to Fossil Butte National Monument. There, you can hike and learn all about creatures that used to live there.

Although we didn't do too much inside the city, we enjoyed visiting its neighboring attractions.

Things to Do Around Garden City:

- Cache National Forest

- Minnetonka Cave, ID

- Fossil Butte National Monument, WY

Notable Eatery:

- El Salvador Los Primos

Our Average Cost Per Night: $75.00



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