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Fiddlers Cove Navy Marina

Coronado, CA

The first real leg in our journey. We anticipated growing pains, but with the rising gas prices and the cost of our reservation, we were starting to feel the pressure. Luckily, Coronado didn't disappoint! From picturesque beaches and delicious dining to the view from the RV alone, I will never forget it.

Unfortunately, our reservation only lasted for 10 days. And with this lifestyle, we learned early on that you've got to make the best of it. Coronado, you are missed. Having been San Diego residents before, we already knew all the wonderful surprises it had to offer.

Things to Do in Coronado, CA:

- Jet ski in the San Diego Bay

- Visit the Cabrillio National Monument

- Sea lion watching in La Jolla

Notable Eateries:

- High Tide Pizza

Our Average Cost Per Night: $60.00


Hueneme Beach Park

Port Hueneme, CA

I've got to be honest: we had no clue what was in store for us in Port Hueneme. All we knew was that summer was upon us, reservations were scarce, and this place had an opening for just 5 days. Not knowing what to expect or where we were headed next was incredibly stressful! But, like Coronado, it did not disappoint. We look forward to returning.

One of the most coveted activities in Port Hueneme is exploring the Channel Islands. We tried our best to fit this into our schedule, but the ferries were not running because of inclement weather. I look forward to checking this off my bucket list one day.

We discovered some worthwhile oddities while there. A portion of Port Hueneme's seawall is overrun with cats! Nestled in between the rocks are cats of all different domestic breeds. You're not supposed to feed them, but people do. You can't really blame them; the cats are so stinking cute.

Just a short drive away is the historic city of Ojai. This well-preserved city has a lot of pride, which is always refreshing to see. What I found most charming was a giant sling shot on the drive there.

Things to Do in Port Hueneme, CA:

- Visit Port Hueneme Beach

- Explore Ojai, CA

Notable Eateries:

- Pho Saigon, Vietnamese Restaurant

Our Average Cost Per Night: $55.00


Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Less than an hour away from Palm Springs lays a national park. Joshua Tree National Park is known for its picturesque landscapes because the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert meet there.

The park itself has a unique layout. You drive along a two-way road, and when you see a pullout, you can walk around that specific area. Overall, the park stretches about 67 miles long with several pullouts. Depending on how you feel, you can drive the entire route in as little as 2 hours, or you can take your time to explore, enjoying the area for several hours or days. We explored the park for about 5 hours total.

Average Cost Per Night: $25.00



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