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Moutain View RV Park

Arco, ID

Well-known for its potatoes, Idaho was a place I was extremely eager to roam. Potatoes just so happen to be one of my favorite foods. Think about it. They're so universal you can have it with every meal and as a snack.

Along the highway, there was an old billboard that advertised a museum dedicated to the humble potato. We had to stop and check it out.

This not-for-profit museum is quite small, and it has a café that serves the potato in various ways, including in cupcakes and chocolate milk. Overall, this place is very budget-friendly and was worth a visit. If you do swing by, make sure to mention "Taters for Out-of-Staters" at the gift shop for a delightful surprise.

Further down the highway, about an hour away from the museum, is the city of Arco. This small town is located right in between EBR-1 and the Craters of the Moon National Monument. Both are worth a trip.

EBR-1 is a free museum that was actually the world's first nuclear powerplant. In fact, the city of Arco was the first city in the world to have electricity generated completely by nuclear power. My only suggestion for improvement is that it doesn't have a gift shop. Other than that, the museum is wonderfully preserved. If you choose a guided tour, that is free as well.

Craters of the Moon National Monument has a very similar layout to Joshua Tree National Park. You drive along the road and encounter various stops and pullouts for you to explore. With a permit, you can roam in and out of the caves, but, since we had just visited the Minnetonka Cave, we decided to skip that activity. Wouldn't want to cause any harm to the very important bat ecosystem.

All in all, Arco was very good to us.

Things to Do Around Arco:

- Potato Museum

- EBR-1

- Craters of the Moon National Monument

Notable Eatery:

- Pickles Place

Our Average Cost Per Night: $54.00


Boise National Forest

Cascade, ID

Following a river through a national forest, we journeyed on over to Cascade. Surprisingly, Idaho is beautiful, filled with dense forests and healthy-looking waterways. When you hear that Idaho is known for the potato, you may think of landlocked farmland. Cascade is the city that'll prove this notion wrong, offering a wonderful river, stunning lake, and even a reservoir. There's certainly a wide variety of activity in this diverse landscape. Fishing, rafting, paddle boarding, and hiking are all easily accessible in this small town, which makes it an ideal place to unwind.

Things to Do Around Cascade:

- Horsethief Reservoir

- Cascade Lake

- The Strand

Notable Eatery:

- Reo's Pizza

Our Average Cost Per Night: $46.00

Roaming Idaho

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