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Desert Breeze Travel Camp

Yuma, AZ

Known as one of the hottest cities in the US. Our journey began in Yuma. Despite its high summer temperatures, Yuma is perfect in the winter. Nestled next to the borders of California and Mexico, you'll find plenty to do here.

If you do visit Yuma, be sure to check out the Yuma Territorial Prison. Legend says that if you wear red, you'll get pinched by a ghost that haunts the prison grounds.

Things to Do While in Yuma:

- Castle Dome Mines Museum

- Yuma Territorial Prison

- Center of the World, Winterhaven, CA

- Cloud Museum, Winterhaven, CA

Notable Eatery:

Yuma Thai Cuisine

Our Average Cost Per Night: $32.00


Apache Flats RV Resort

Sierra Vista, AZ

Known for its roaming Javelina, we were lucky enough to call Sierra Vista our home for a few short months. Along with exploring, we enjoyed amenities most take for granted. Places like gyms, laundromats, and shopping areas with popular retail chains available all over. Boy, do I love me an Ulta!

Just a day's trip away is the ever-famous Tombstone. As one of the last boomtowns of the Wild West, I was extremely excited to see what it had to offer. To my surprise, it stretched for only a few blocks in length. But an abundance of history was hidden within those condensed blocks, telling the story of one of the final mining towns that was "too tough to die."

I'm not sure I will ever return to Tombstone, but I definitely recommend this tourist location to anyone with young children.

Bisbee was just a 45-minute drive from Tombstone and, since the boomtown was geared more toward families, we arrived with plenty of daylight to roam around there.

The artsy town of Bisbee is certainly unique. With its numerous local businesses, you can easily understand why this area is popular to visit.

Overall, Sierra Vista was a great and convenient place to recharge our batteries.

Things to Do Around Sierra Vista:

- Tombstone, AZ

- Bisbee, AZ

- Kartchner Caverns State Park

Notable Eatery:

- Indochine

Our Average Cost Per Night: $25.00


Fort Tuthill

Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff is certainly a gem. With its unique terrain, it's risen as one of our top possibilities to call home. All four seasons can be experienced here, and there are plenty of activities year-round. You have all the major conveniences of a major city, but just a few exits away, you will find yourself wandering in the wilderness.

While there, we ran into an issue with the hydraulic line for our jacks. This meant we had to sleep with our slide-out inside, which made our stay extremely cozy. Luckily, just a few days before our departure, our line was fixed and we continued to travel safely.

Fortunately, the stress of the slide-out didn't hinder our explorations. The rodeo was in town, Meteor Crater was an hour away, and Walnut Canyon National Monument was even closer. We had a great time in Flagstaff. I look forward to returning.

Things to Do Around Flagstaff:

- Meteor Crater & Barringer Space Museum

- Walnut Canyon National Monument

- Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

Notable Eatery:

- Fratelli Pizza Downtown

Our Average Cost Per Night: $35.00


Grand Canyon National Park

Panoramic View of GCNP

Less than two hours away from Flagstaff, you can visit the world-famous Grand Canyon. Known for its impressive landscape, Grand Canyon National Park will leave you in awe.

The first day we visited, we arrived around midday and it was pretty crowded. But we got all the information we needed for the next day.

We opted to go right at its opening, and it was worth it. For a few short hours, it felt like we had the entire park to ourselves.

There are many ways to see the Grand Canyon. You can drive, hike, raft, ride a train, or even fly in a helicopter. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll be as mesmerized as I was by its beauty.

My Tip: Go early and have a plan.

Average Cost Per Night: $75.00


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