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Living With Pets

Here you'll find all the accommodations we made for our loved ones. Hopefully, these tips will help you, too!

Accommodations We Made:

Closet / Kitty Cat Club House

A safe haven in our new home.

How we did it:

- Took off one door and placed it into storage.

- Hanging shelves for added personal storage.

- Stacked 3 boxes to create the shelter. The bottom 2 are cat-friendly and the top stores towels.

- Place favorite blanket in closet base.

- Bouncing toy. All club houses need a bit of fun!

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Turned Shower into Litter Spot

Although it's sometimes a pain when we have to bathe, we decided to sacrifice turning the shower into a litter spot before even purchasing our RV. Our reasoning? We wanted very little litter trackage. Putting it in an elevated shower pan with added mats accomplishes just that.

How we did it:

- Painters canvas placed underneath. This protects the shower pan/gray tank from receiving an excess amount of litter.

- Large litter mat to cover the entire pan. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's just the right size for our shower pan.

- Hooded litter box. This helps keep it all contained and neat.

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Leash Training

I began leash training when we decided to embark on our adventure. It has certainly paid off. Although it doesn't last for a long amount of time (approx. 30 min), it's nice to see our cats roam on an adventure.

How we did it:

- Familiarize them with the harness. Put it on for a couple of hours a day and don't go outside. Let your cat get used to wearing it.

- Try the leash on after a few days of harness familiarization and continue to stay indoors. If your cat is food-driven, lure them around with treats. If they're play-driven, grab that laser pointer and lead them around!

- After about a week, it's time to open the door and see if they'll explore. Do this in a safe environment at first, such as in a backyard. Encouraging a cat to respond to leash tension is somewhat difficult, but they can learn. Be patient. Don't forget to positively reinforce! For us, a treat is always given after leash time.

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Modified Dining Area

If our time in an area lasts about 7 days, we don't even bother setting up the dining area. Instead, we adjust to accommodate for cat views.

My Tip: If the park or resort allows it, hang a bird feeder for added entertainment.

How we did it:

- Adjust seating cushions for elevated sightlines.

- Add a cat bed, scratcher, food, and water to make it even more comfortable.

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